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  • Figs are extremely delicate and will easily perish due to a sudden change in their environment, for example, periods of rain or humid weather will greatly reduce the quality and shelf life of your produce and can perish within a day.
  • Once picked, our fruit is placed in cold storage to slow down advanced ripening.
  • It is very important that once you get your fresh fruit home that you check for condensation on the skin of your fruit or at the bottom of the tray. If so, carefully dry the skin with a soft paper absorbing towel and store in the fridge.
  • We do not recommend leaving your figs in dry hot conditions for extended long periods unless you plan to consume within a few hours.
  • The best way to store your fresh figs is in the fridge.
  • Stored at room temperature, figs will ripen very quickly and can perish within a day once removed from the fridge. (depending on relative heat and humidity within your environment)
  • In more stable weather conditions, figs will usually last up to a week
  • It is always best to carefully clean, dry and consume soon after purchase or stored.
  • While we endeavor to grow and source the very best and sweetest figs around, we cannot always guarantee that every single piece of fruit will be the same.
  • We prefer compliments but will gladly listen to criticism so long as it’s not abusive.


  • Prickly pears are more robust than figs but will still easily perish to bruising or after heavy periods of rain.
  • With their skin intact and stored in a cool and dry place, Prickly Pears that are semi ripe will usually last up to a couple of weeks.
  • The best advise we can give you for storage and handling prior to pealing the skin is wear protective gloves and eye protection, keep out of reach of children and keep sealed and separate from all other foods and sensitive storage areas.
  • The tiny ‘hair like’ spines attached to the skin of the fruit break easily from their buds and stick into anything and anywhere that it comes into contact with.
  • Once pealed, we recommend refrigerating and eat cold, but rinse first prior to eating just in case of spines that may off come into contact with the flesh of the fruit.
  • Dispose of the gloves that you use to handle and the empty bag or box that your fruit came in. DO NOT Reuse or Recycle your empty bag or box as there are thousands of tiny little spines waiting to prick themselves into something or someone. Dispose of carefully.
  • Should you find yourself in a prickly situation then the best form of removal is for someone to assist you with a steady hand, magnifying glass and a set of tweezers. In the unlikely event that you cannot remove or locate your spine we recommend that you seek medical attention.


Please ask in store for best advice or refer to packaged instructions where applicable or in the Terms & Conditions section of this website