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Bandito Rosado – Blue Agave & Prickly Pear Spirit. 700ml


Organic Blue Agave & Red Prickly Pear Spirit.

700ml bottle. 38% Alcohol, equivalent to 21 standard drinks


Q: What do you get when a Distillery and a Prickly Pear Farm collide???

A: Bandito Rosado! A Blendid Cactus Spirit made from organic Blue Agave (the stuff that Tequila is made from in Mexico) and red prickly pear fruit.

In a what has to be a world first, our friends at Renegade Spirits (Mittagong, NSW) have distilled the unthinkable! Infusing our red desert fruit, the prickly pear into a uniquely spirited alcoholic drink that is a must have in your home bar.

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