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It was 1973 that Vittorio & Julie Marando set upon some land in Leppington to raise a family and grow some fruit and vegetables best suited to Italian style cuisine, the likes that were all so familiar back in their home land of Calabria, Southern Italy.

As the years rolled by and their three children grew, so did the farm, taking shape to two main crops, Figs and Prickly Pears.

Many locals that came to buy fruit, would occasionally be greeted by Julie’s homemade treats that we used to eat as a snack whilst packing in the shed.

By 1993 and with the help of their son Rocco, the farm was completely planted with a variety of Figs, Prickly pears, Pomegranates and wine making grapes.  With so much fruit to sell, local weekend grower’s markets at various destinations throughout Sydney became a regular feature as well as supplying Sydney’s Flemington Market.

The Farm Shop opened seasonally from 2005 to the public for direct fruit sales due to growing interest from foodies that frequented the grower’s markets and also from a few hand painted signs that Vittorio placed along the road side to attract more customers.

In 2008 a commercial kitchen was built alongside the packing shed and production of our handcrafted gourmet range began.

In 2012 and after many years of producing an all-natural preservative free wine for the family, Vittorio’s best kept vintages were made available to the public. The Cellar door opened at the farm for traditional Italian style wines.

With so many visitors near and far, the repeated requests for a cappuccino became overwhelming, so in 2017 The Farm Café was established for people to sit back, relax and enjoy their farm experience, taking in the country fresh air and view on the back deck overlooking the Camden Region.

By 2018 and every square inch of the farm planted with a fruit tree, the growing demand for prickly pears continued, drawing our attention of some neighbouring vacant land that saw Vittorio assist his son Rocco in planting 4 more acres of this exotic Fruit.


Like many Italian immigrants, traditional farming, cooking and wine making was second nature and comfort to a generation wanting to fulfil a better life with their families on new land. Not much has changed in the way we continue to farm and harvest our crops, prepare and cook our food, make and drink our wine.

This is what we do best!


Since Vittorio’s passing in 2020, his son Rocco continues the legacy that is Leppington Valley Farm. Traditional farming and wine making practices as it once started all those years ago, authenticating a by-gone era.

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